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Community Education Committees and Council

Northern Lakes College has a special relationship with the region and the communities it serves. Committee members are nominated by their community but their final appointment is made by the College President. The CEC ensures that local residents have access to education and training that is suited to their needs and goals. Since committee members are nominated and/or appointed by elected bodies, they report back to their nominating body about College programs and activities. Committee members also convey information and requests to the College on behalf of their nominating body. Each CEC may advise the President and guide the activities of their community campus by:​

  • Identifying, assessing and setting priorities for programs and services needed in their community
  • Informing community residents about the programs and services available in their community
  • Recruiting and selecting students who apply for community programs offered by the College
  • Assisting in recruiting and selecting of staff who provide adult education services to their community
  • Evaluating adult education services delivered by the College in the community
  • Making recommendations that will enhance the quality, credibility and integrity of the College and their specific community campus.

Each Community Education Committee has a representative on the Council of Community Education Committees that deals with inter-community and regional topics. The Council meets monthly with the College President and advises on the operation of the College. The Council is also a public advisory body to the Northern Lakes College Board of Governors.

The Community Education Committees and their Council believe that:

  • The residents of Northern Alberta have the right to access the breadth and quality of adult education services afforded to other Albertans,
  • The College is composed of students, communities and staff,
  • Each partner has the right and responsibility to participate in determining, providing and evaluating the endeavours of the College.