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Community Driven. Student Focused.

Creating an environment of collaboration and connectivity between community and campus is the goal behind the engagement projects of the Community Education Committees (CECs). Active and thoughtful communities become more participatory and can enrich the lives of those involved in very meaningful ways.

Each CEC is asked to pick three projects every academic year, one from each of the three pillars below.  Each pillar supports Northern Lakes College’s engagement focus: student engagement, community engagement and personal development.

Student engagement builds on the success of our students and finds ways to highlight their expertise or to help build upon their skills. Through this pillar, we can build pathways for future achievements or showcase current student accomplishments.

Community engagement generates involvement of the local community so that it becomes invested and interested in local education. This provides a foundation to build greater awareness of the community's unique needs and attributes. 

Personal development works to offer those serving on our local CECs the opportunity to expand their individual skills.  Training and development programs tailored to meet the needs of CECs can be coordinated at a local level.

Outlined below are possible suggestions for CECs under each pillar of engagement. CECs are also encouraged to brainstorm their own projects and to share with Council of Community Education Committees (CCEC) and External Relations the successes and lessons learned from the events. 

The long-term goal of this is to become a forum where communities can share their stories freely and openly. In the interim, we ask that details be recorded from each event or project so that External Relations can coordinate and share the information with other communities. The following three pillars include suggestions for possible engagement projects in your community.​​

Student Engagement Projects

Student for a Day
Offer an open day when people can come to campus and learn what it is like to be a Northern Lakes College student. Involve students by asking them to be ambassadors and demonstrators.

Identify positive role models/mentors who are relevant to an individual student’s educational path, and arrange for a student to shadow this mentor for a day in their workplace.

Student-driven Community Projects
Encourage the students to organize a community event, such as a blood donor drive.

“We are______(community name)” project.  For example: “We are High Level”.  Ask local newspaper to feature a different student each week for a month or two.  Have them tell the student's story and explain how they will help make the community a better place when they have completed their education.

Bring in Elders or speakers to address the students​.

Community Engagement Projects

Dinner and Silent Auction
Auction off bricks in a building where community members can memorialize their family name (if appropriate – will need Facilities' approval)​. 

Open Houses
Invite members of the community onto your local campus, offer prizes or giveaways, schedule demonstrations and answer questions about college programs.

Group Online or On-Site Training
Consider offering NLC LIVE Online™ classes to a group of people.  For example, in your community promote the NLC LIVE Online™ course, "Building Customer Relationships", but instead of having people do it on their own, you can create a space on campus where people can learn online together. Create an environment that fosters dialogue by serving refreshments and offers comfortable seating. After the lesson, allow time for discussion/networking if desired.

Design and coordinate local surveys to inquire more deeply about needed Continuing Education & Corporate Training or other training opportunities not currently being offered.

Short-term, Life Skills Training
Design and coordinate a short-term,​ life skills training program. For example, how to balance a cheque book, how to prepare food safely, etc.​

Personal Development

Continuing Education & Corporate Training has a number of training and development sessions that can be tailored for Community Education Committees. Click on the link above for a number of options; however, countless other training sessions can be created and developed for each CEC’s unique needs.