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Cultural Celebrations

Cultural Celebrations

​​​​​​​​Northern Lakes College has two cultural events each year, the Métis Celebration and Round Dance.

The Aboriginal peoples of northern Saskatchewan and Alberta have long held traditional social dances during the cold winter months. People gather from near and far and the dances are held indoors often last through the night and finish after sunrise.

Métis Celebrations

The annual Métis Celebration takes place every year during Canada's Métis week. Everyone is invited to attend!​​​​​

Round Dance

NLC Round Dance

There are two types of round dances.  Memorial round dances are organized by families to honour their ancestors. It can be part of the mourning and healing process. Other round dances are put on by organizations, such as Northern Lakes College. The round dances are intended to garner support and positive energy for the organization. The round dance is also a chance for families and organizations to share in their blessings.