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15th Annual Métis Celebration

Posted on Oct 31, 2017

Northern Lakes College's 15th Annual Métis Celebration hosted at the Grouard campus on Saturday October 21, 2017 was well attended and provided a great opportunity for people to reconnect, share stories and participate in the competitions for jigging, singing and fiddling. Jigging is a traditional dance of the Métis People - a well-known Métis dance is the Red River jig which is a competitive dance between two partners. Guests had an opportunity to showcase their talent and this year the following individuals took first place in competitions: Keira Inglis (Child Singing); Carmen Pelletier (Adult Singing); Doreen Laderoute (Senior Singing); Brenden Eagleplume (Open Singing); Zachary Willier (Open Fiddling); Kenton Alook (Youth Jigging); Raymond Cardinal (Adult Jigging); and Mavis Goodswimmer (Senior Jigging).

“Northern Lakes College takes pride in the connection we have to our students and the communities we serve. The College recognizes the importance of sharing the history and culture of the Métis people of our area. Hosting the Annual Métis Celebration not only emphasizes the importance of this, it also strengthens relationships and showcases the cultural diversity within our College,” said Ann Everatt, President and CEO of Northern Lakes College.

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