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Camp Catering Offered Through ATOSKE, TransCanada, and NLC

Posted on Apr 24, 2019
Camp Catering



April 24, 2019

Wabasca, Alberta

Camp Catering Offered Through ATOSKE, TransCanada, and NLC

A ceremony on April 15 celebrated students completing the customized Camp Catering program at the Northern Lakes College Campus in Wabasca. This unique program was a collaboration between several partners including ATOSKE Action Group, TransCanada, CNRL, Bigstone Cree Royal Camp (BCRC) Partnership, and Northern Lakes College.

The seven-week program included six weeks of classroom training and life skills, and a one-week practical experience with BCRC at the Woodenhouse Camp. Students were provided with the opportunity to live in a camp, apply their newly developed cooking skills, and experience camp living. 

“ATOSKE recognized the demand for camp caterers and identified this as a valuable employment opportunity for community members. Students who successfully complete this program may eventually work towards obtaining their journeyman-level cook designation. This is a great opportunity for training to employment within our community,” comments Rena Auger, AAG Director. “We are pleased that this program has come together with all partners sharing resources to make it a success.”

To help address the ongoing need for qualified camp kitchen workers in the Wabasca area, TransCanada made a significant contribution towards the program. “We are always looking for new opportunities to support business, employment, and training for the Indigenous communities we work with. When one of our partners identified the camp caterer program as an opportunity, we were excited to extend our support,” says Penny Favel, Vice-President of Environment, Land & Indigenous Relations at TransCanada. “These types of education and training initiatives develop skilled workforces vital to our industry and help build strong communities with long-term employment. We were proud to be a part of this.”

“Northern Lakes College works with local communities and industry partners to make training accessible and the customized Camp Catering program in Wabasca is unique. When there are employment opportunities available for students who successfully complete the program, then it is truly a win-win for all,” comments President and CEO, Ann Everatt.

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