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NLC Going Green with Facilities 2025 Project

Posted on May 15, 2019
NLC Going Green with Facilities 2025 Project



 May 15, 2019

High Level, Alberta

NLC Going Green with Facilities 2025 Project

The Northern Lakes College High Level Campus will be getting a brand new building envelope as part of the College’s overall strategy to achieve a 20% increase in energy efficiency by 2025.

“The 2025 plan requires us to have two years of baseline emissions. We have designated 2016 and 2017 as our baseline for the College. We are currently analyzing the data from 2018, which will allow us to establish parameters for our overall implementation plan,” explains David Sharpe, Manager, Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations for the College.

Paul Chaulk, Senior Director, Facilities for NLC comments, “The College looks at three areas when considering greenhouse gas emissions, which include purchased electricity, stationary combustion, and mobile consumption. From our baseline year, we have decreased emissions from electrical production by 12%, equaling 300,000 kilos of carbon dioxide per year. We continue to work at reducing emissions in all three categories.”

Further to the new envelope and groundwork at the High Level Campus, the portable classrooms, currently located at the back of the campus, will be attached to the main building. Attaching the portables will create better utilization of space, increase student interaction, and provide access to the student lounge and the Elder’s room.

These improvements will result in an estimated tripling of the current insulation value. This, along with high-efficiency boilers installed in the fall of 2018, will make the Campus significantly more efficient than it is today. Work is scheduled to commence this summer and will be completed by fall. The community can look forward to an enhanced NLC Campus.

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