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Leading By Example

Graduating is a major accomplishment and there’s great joy in donning your cap and gown and receiving your
parchment. It’s a day when you look back on the challenges you’ve overcome - the late nights studying, driving through storms to get to class, and remembering the people you met along the way and the fun memories you’ve made.

For Tanis Flett, a graduate of the Social Work Diploma program in June of 2017, it is also proof
that her hard work and determination has set her up for a successful future. - Read More

An Ambassador for Success

As an energetic and enthusiastic student, Jay fit in with the class well and instantly made friends with his peers. His excitement to be part of the class was contagious! Jzomuel (Jay) Vida was a student of the Practical Nurse Program from the Grande Prairie Campus, who graduated in June of 2017.

Jay comes from a family who all work in the health sector, and he pursued nursing while he was still living in the Philippines. Jay continued his educational journey with Northern Lakes College to become a Licensed Practical Nurse in Canada. - Read More

NLC Alumni's Passion for the North

For communities like Peace River, educational opportunities can change people’s lives in very meaningful ways. In Northern Lakes College’s Social Work Diploma program, students learn to work with different cultures and learn how to recognize and deal with oppression. Graduates are active in their own communities and bring their knowledge and passion forward to help change the lives of others.

Christine Kaip, a Northern Lakes College Alumni who completed the Social Work Diploma in 2015 says, “I have been very fortunate in my career in Social Services." - Read More

Overcoming Adversity

“I probably went back to school too early, too soon after losing him,” Lindsay says “but I was all my kids had. I knew I needed a career. Not just a job.” When Lindsay Goodswimmer’s husband was suddenly killed in 2014, the young mother of three realized she’d have to make major changes to provide the kind of life she wanted to give her children.

It was important she remain in her hometown of Sturgeon Lake, a close-knit community offering support, friendship, and familiarity to the grieving family. Fortunately, Lindsay learned of the Academic Upgrading program offered at Northern Lakes College’s Valleyview campus, only a short distance from her home. - Read More

The Courage to Grow

Leaving school at the age of seventeen to care for her first child, Candice Seweryn recalls being conflicted. She was an average student and though she felt the support of her family, a small piece of her it seems, was left behind. If not critical of her choice to leave school early, Candice was at least sensitive to her feelings of loss.
Years later and now the mother of three, Candice chose to amend her past and with her husband’s encouragement and support from family and friends, she enrolled in Academic Upgrading at Northern Lakes College. - Read More