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At Northern Lakes College, we recognize the lasting value of our donors' investments​. One of our main fundraising goals is to ensure that no student is prevented from completing their education due to lack of financial resources. Although post-secondary education is well worth the investment, many of our potential and existing students find that the related expenses are a barrier preventing them from seeking or completing a college credential. Often, part-time jobs compete with study time, makes it difficult for students to reach their full academic potential.

A student award, whether in the form of a scholarship, bursary or financial award can make a huge difference in the life of a student, helping them to cover the costs of tuition, books and living expenses. Scholarships and bursaries are motivators when the going gets tough; they are a tangible reward for a job well done, and help to reduce the amount of personal debt upon graduation.

We need your help. As a business, corporation or friend of the College, you have a role to play. By making a donation, you'll be supporting students move forward with their post-secondary educational goals, thereby reaffirming the value that you place on higher education, and helping those most in need.

With a long history of serving northern Alberta's communities and over 45 years strong, we look forward to the future ahead. Our goal is to continue to best serve our students and the communities in our region.

Great things are possible when we work together. Please help us with your gift today and be a part of our greatest accomplishment – our students' success!​

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