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Getting Started with New Technology

Here are some helpful videos and websites that will support you as you use this new technology. 

Firefly (Kurzweil 3000)

Firefly is text-to-speech software that helps with reading, studying and writing.  It is a screen reader, but so much more than that! Kurzweil is the software we use at NLC to convert your textbooks, tests or exams into a text-to-speech format.

Live scribe Pen

An Echo Smartpen allows you to record and play back everything you write, hear or say. The pen comes with a micro-USB connector (to connect to your computer), a microphone, built-in speaker, memory storage and a replaceable ink-tip.  It looks like a pen, works like a pen but is so much more than a pen!

  • Here is a demonstration of the pen from Livescribe Europe
  • Having trouble downloading your Pen to your desktop? Check this out
  • Please note: You do NOT have permission to distribute recordings from your classes. This is a feature just for you.

Franklin Language Masters

This assists with spelling and is both a dictionary and thesaurus.  This aid will also read words aloud to help you with pronunciation.