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Nutrition Month

We are what we eat – not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.  

-Derek Rydall –

NLC celebrates National Nutrition Month!

March is Nutrition Month! This is an opportunity to learn about healthy food choices and create healthy eating habits. This year, the theme is “Beyond the Table” which emphasizes the farm-to-fork aspect of nutrition. This includes the aspects from food production, sustainability and distribution to grocery stores, dinner tables and recycling.   

Sometimes, talking about nutrition can make us feel overwhelmed.  Many people, associate nutrition with drastic changes and strict diets in order to live a healthy life.  Yes, it requires some planning and effort, but remember that life is about balance. Having a healthy diet looks different for everyone!  

The following resources will provide you with information, tips, and strategies that will help you make small changes in your diet and hopefully inspire you to try new foods and recipes.

Let’s start celebrating Nutrition Month by getting informed.

Nutrition Tips and Articles

Sustainable healthy eating is an important and timely topic for everyone. is created by a team of Canadian Dietitians working in agriculture and who are passionate about helping Canadians eat well to support their health and the environment.

Find articles, information and recipes designed by dietitians to help you optimize your diet.

Eating a high-nutrient diet actually makes you more satisfied with less food, and actually give the ability to enjoy food more without overeating. 

-Joel Fuhrman –



Be inspired to cook any time with Cookspiration, created by Canadian dietitians.

Create your menu by choosing your goals: vegetarian, gluten free, nut free, budget friendly, active lifestyle and more.


Nutrition Trivia

Join Kyle Paulson, wellness facilitator, on this fun trivia. Test your nutrition knowledge and win prizes.

Date: March 13 at 12:00 p.m. or March 22 at 7:00 p.m. (You can only participate on one of the sessions).

Canada’s Food Guide Tips

  • Be mindful of your eating habits
  • Cook more often
  • Enjoy your food
  • Eat meals with others
  • Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, whole grain foods and protein foods.
  • Limit highly processed foods.
  • Make water your drink of choice

Be sure to review the healthy eating recommendations on this Canada’s food guide.

Canada's Food Guide

When you start eating food without labels, you no longer need to count calories.

– Amanda Kraft –


Small Changes to your Eating Habits

Making a Change to your Eating Habits – One Meal at a Time (AHS)

Alberta Health Services has excellent resources to help you change your eating habits. As an example of how you can work on changing your eating habits in a practical way, check out their One Meal at a Time page. This five-week challenge demonstrates how small changes over time can create real results.

Make a Change: One Meal at a Time