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Health Care Aide eSTEP (Employed Student Tutored Education Program)

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Program Year


Program Length

20 weeks

Program Description

If you are a non-certified Health Care Aide seeking certification, Northern Lakes College's Health Care Aide eSTEP Program is for you. The Employed Student Tutored Education Program (eSTEP) is an online, distance-delivered program designed to provide employed students with the support they require to gain certification as a Health Care Aide. You may can start the 1st day of any month (with the exception of July and August) as long as you are registered by the 10th day of the previous month. You will continue to gain work experience in the clinical setting, and that experience that may be eligible for practicum credits. You will have one year to complete the program and will graduate with a Government of Alberta Health Care Aide Certificate.

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Program Delivery

It uses Anytime, anywhere courses where you do not have scheduled classes, where you log into a program (Moodle) at anytime and do your work. This program is a self-study online program. The program provides tutorial support and online resources. Students are able to pace the program to meet their needs, allowing them to balance work and other personal commitments with their study schedule.
To learn more about Collaborate and to experience using it, check out this guide:

To learn more about Moodle and to experience using it, check out this guide:


Sep 01, 2017 - May 31, 2019 - Available Anywhere

Academic Requirements

 Credit in English 10-1 or 10-2 or equivalent.
 Credit in Math 10-3 or equivalent is strongly recommended.
 Mature students will be accepted if they successfully complete a skills assessment.

Other Requirements

Students must present letters from their employers as proof of employment.



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