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Primary Care Paramedic Upgrading

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This program is designed to meet the licensing exam prerequisite requirements of the Alberta College of Paramedics for Primary Care Paramedic graduates that have completed a Canadian Medical Association (CMA) or Accreditation Canada (AC) accredited certificate program. This stand-alone program is being offered to PCP graduates who did not participate in Alberta College of Paramedics licensing evaluation process within 12 months from the date the PCP certificate or academic transcript was issued, were unsuccessful in ACP licensing process or whose PCP license has expired. The PCP upgrading program is also open for enrollment to out of province candidates that have completed a CMA or AC accredited program or those who have had an upgrading program completion identified as a requirement by the Alberta College of Paramedics Substantial Equivalency Review process.
The PCP Refresher course consists of twelve (12) weeks online access to PCP upgrading online resources with required online participation, during this time learners will review treatment guidelines, protocols, skill checklists and quizzes with instructor facilitation. In addition, students will access pre-read material for PCP skill upgrades. Upon completion of the online portion, learners will be required to attend NLC's five days of face-to-face classroom sessions with scenario and skills practice. During the instructor led onsite days, students will review, practice, upgrade and be evaluated on PCP skills as learned in the ACP Program.

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Sep 01, 2021 - Dec 17, 2021 - Blended - Slave Lake

Program Year


Program Length

15 weeks

Academic Requirements

Primary Care Paramedic Certificate from an approved program accredited by the Canadian Medical Association or Accreditation Canada.



Other Requirements

At least 18 years of age.
Class 5 driver's license.
Immunization record.
A Police Information Check completed within the last 3 months, will be required at the beginning of the term. The existence of a criminal record may affect practicum placement, program completion, and employment prospects. Students will sign waivers indicating they are aware that the presence of a criminal record or lack of an immunization record may impede their ability to complete the program, to write the ACP program registration exam, to become registered as an PCP or to secure employment.

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