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Health Care Aide / Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

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This short program is suitable for non-certified Health Care Aides who wish to receive recognition for their knowledge and experience. Travel to a Northern Lakes College campus may be required to assess your skills. Expenses relating to required travel are the students' responsibility. You may start the 1st day of any month (with the exception of July and August) if you register by the 10th day of the previous month.

The Health Care Aide Program follows the Government of Alberta's curriculum. You must enrol in and complete HFDN0001 Working Safely and Effectively as a Health Care Aide. Then you can challenge the other 5 courses in the program. If a challenge is not successful, you will be required to enrol in and complete the entire course in the Employed Student Tutored Education Program (eSTEP). If you need additional information to determine your eligibility, request a complete information package from Admissions and contact the Program Coordinator.

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Program Length

12 weeks

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Academic Requirements

 Credit in English 10-1 or 10-2 or equivalent.
 Credit in Math 10-3 or equivalent is strongly recommended.
 Mature students will be accepted if they successfully complete a skills assessment.



Other Requirements

Resume including dates of work experience as a health care aide or in a related job position as well as supportive education certificates (e.g., workshops taken, CPR, First Aide, etc.).
Letters of recommendations from current employer and/or letters of reference outlining the candidates suitability for the PLAR process. Letters must describe the: motivation to learn, problem-solving ability, maturity, empathetic attitude towards others, organizational skills, teamwork, communication and documentation skills.

Proof of work experience as a HCA of 600 hours within the last two years as provided by employers.

Review of Prototype Curriculum's Performance Checklist (checklist provided by the educational institutional) and filled out by the candidate in conjunction with employer's regulated nursing professional (LPN,RN,RPN).

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