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Emergency Medical Services is a dynamic industry that offers an exciting and rewarding career for individuals looking to make a positive impact in other people's lives. The Primary Care Paramedic (PCP) Program is a full-time program with independent study, online lectures, and face-to-face on-site sessions. Students will gain hands-on experience through labs and scenario-based training. Students will develop critical-thinking skills that will allow them to develop an appropriate differential diagnosis and treatment pathway for their patients. Communications, personal wellness, safety, and professionalism are stressed throughout the program. The program has a flexible schedule that allows students the freedom and flexibility to remain employed in their home communities while increasing their skills and knowledge.

This program is accredited by the Accreditation Canada ensuring graduates are skilled in all competencies relevant to the National Occupational Competency Profile.

The theory portion of the program is delivered over approximately 34 weeks and is followed by a hospital practicum and an ambulance practicum. Students are responsible for costs related to travel and accommodations for the on-site sessions and practicum. Students are required to have an Apple iPad to complete the program. Make a difference in someone's life--apply today!

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Program Length

38 weeks

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Academic Requirements

Credits in the following courses:

 Biology 30 (60%) or credit in ANPY1000 (50%) or ANPY0190 (60%) or BIOL0190 (60%).
 English 30-1 or equivalent (60%) or English 30-2 or equivalent (70%) or ENGL0190 (60%) or an assessed English equivalency.
 Math 20-1 or equivalent (50%) or Math 20-2 or equivalent (60%) or MATH0190 (60%).
 Students must submit all official post-secondary transcripts upon application.


For those interested in pursuing a career as a Advanced Care Paramedic, PCP certification is a prerequisite for acceptance into Alberta Advanced Care Paramedic programs.

Other Requirements

 At least 18 years of age.
 Class 5 driver's license.
 Immunization Record.
 An Apple IPAD.
 A Police Information Check, completed within the last 3 months, will be required during the first term of the program. The existence of a criminal record may affect practicum placement, program completion, and employment prospects. Student will sign waivers indicating they are aware that the presence of a criminal record or lack of an immunization record may impede their ability to complete the program, to write the ACP registration exam, to become registered as an PCP or to secure employment.

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