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Social Work Practicum IV


Course Description

This 280-hour field placement is a comprehensive practical experience in which the student will apply previously-learned theory and practice to work with individuals, families, groups, communities, and/or organizations. Each student will continue the field placement in the same agency setting as SOWK 2015. The focus is on the student's ability to demonstrate competency in preparation for entry to Social Work practice. Seminars will provide the student with an opportunity to reflect on and integrate the field placement experience with classroom learning.

Course Number



SOWK 1010 SOWK1015 SOWK1020 SOWK1025 SOWK1030 SOWK1040 SOWK2010 SOWK2015 SOWK2020 SOWK2030 SOWK2040 SOWK2050 SOWK2060 SOWK2070