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There is a real demand for skilled welders in Alberta. If you enjoy building things and working with your hands, this career may be for you! To work as a welder in Alberta, you must be a registered apprentice or a certified journeyperson.

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To Be Determined

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16 weeks

Academic Requirements

Minimum Requirements: English 10-2, Math 10-3, or a passing mark in all 5 General Education Development (GED) tests or passing mark on AIT Entrance Exam.

Category A: Recommended Path: English 30-2, Math 30-3, Physics 20 or Chemistry 20 or Biology 20 or Science 20, Related CTS courses, Attendance and participation in "Introduction to Metalwork Trades."



Other Requirements

If academic requirements are not met you will need to do an ACCUPLACER assessment. Minimum levels: 60 in Reading Comp., 55 in Arithmetic, and 50 in Elementary Algebra. Contact your nearest campus to schedule an appointment. Pre-employment students are NOT required to be registered with Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT).

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