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Power Engineering 4th Class Lab Certification

Program Overview

The 4th Class Power Engineering Lab Certification program is approved by the Alberta Boiler Safety Association to meet the firing time requirement for 4th Class Power Engineer certification. This program is available at the Northern Lakes College Shell Canada Power Engineering and Technology Centre in Peace River, Alberta. Power Engineering certification starts at 4th Class level and progresses to 1st Class level. Training and experience requirements to write provincial exams differ for each class of ticket. To determine the requirements, consult the Power Engineers Regulations of the Alberta Safety Codes Act. Once provincial exams are successfully completed, the certification is recognized across Canada.

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Program Locations

Sep 11, 2023 - Oct 13, 2023 - Face to Face - Peace River; Jan 03, 2024 - Mar 05, 2024 - Face to Face - Peace River

Program Year


Program Length:

5 Weeks

Program Type

Power Engineering

Program Delivery

Face-to-Face. The instructor and students are
interacting at the same time, at the same
physical location.

Maximum seats in each lab is 6. We are offering
3 labs for a total of 18 students. This lab is located in Peace River, Alberta. Enrollment into the course offerings is set up by the student in consultation with the program area. Courses can no longer be split up. Students will need to enroll in all 4 courses (5 weeks) at once.

Students are responsible for providing program completion documentation to the Alberta Boiler Safety Association for 4th Class certification purposes.

*Out-of-province students: Please check with your local boiler association to confirm that this program meets its steam (firing) time requirements.

Successful completion of 4th Class Power Engineer Parts A and B theory courses. There is currently no time frame within which steam time must be completed after theory courses are done.
If students have already completed Alberta Boiler Safety Association certification exams, steam time must be completed within 7 years of completing the exams.