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Crane and Hoisting Equipment Operator

Are you interested in a career that services industries such as oil and gas, mining, forestry, as well as industrial, commercial and residential construction? The programs offered by Northern Lakes College will prepare you for the Alberta apprenticeship and Industry Training theory and practical examinations.

Career Options

Crane and Hoisting Equipment Operators have endless career options. You could work as an employee, contractor, sub-contractor or even start your own business.

Boom Truck Operators operate and service hoisting equipment used to move machinery and other large objects. They travel and rig the crane up, set up the machine for the lift using blocking/leveling materials and service and operate hydraulic booms that are mounted on turrets that are attached to trucks and are capable of moving heavy loads.

Mobile Crane Operators operate mobile cranes to lift, move, position and place materials and equipment. They are responsible for calculating crane capacities, determining load weight and set up as well as positioning and stabilizing the crane before the lift. Mobile crane operators have the additional responsibilities of disassembling, traveling and transporting mobile cranes.

Apprenticeship Information

To start your career training with Northern Lakes College, you must first be a registered apprentice with Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry training. Eligible students are determined by Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT). See Trade Secrets Alberta for more details. You must meet the entrance requirements for:

  • your specific trade,
  • be indentured by an employer,
  • be eligible to attend the training sessions

Apprentices are generally already working in the field while at the same time enrolled into a post-secondary education program. They receive on-the-job training from a certified journeyman or qualified individual (approximately 80% of time spent) and technical training at an approved technical training institution (approximately 20% of time spent). An apprenticeship can be anywhere from one year up to four years depending on the trade you have chosen. 

Throughout your learning time and in order to advance your skillset, apprentices are required to successfully complete:

  • The technical training period,
  • The industry examination(s),

Successfully complete the hours and months of on-the-job training (Each apprenticeship program has its own requirements)

Crane and Hoisting

Northern Lakes College is one of the largest training providers of the Crane and Hoisting Equipment Operator - Boom Truck program in the province of Alberta.  This unique mobile program helps address employer training needs both locally and provincially. The program travels across the province and goes to where the students are, and where the training is needed.  The success of this program is a direct result of key partnerships with industry, click here to read more about our partnerships.