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Carpenter Apprenticeship Second Period

Program Overview

Have you always enjoyed working with tools? Consider a career as a carpenter, a field that is in high demand. This hands-on carpentry program will give Second Period Carpenter Apprentices the skills and theory they need to succeed when they write the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training theory and practical exams.

Further Education Training Opportunities for the Carpenter Apprenticeship Program are: Third Period and Fourth Period. Experienced carpenters can advance to become supervisors, subcontractors, construction superintendents, or contractors.

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Program Locations

Jan 08, 2024 - Mar 01, 2024 - Face to Face - Slave Lake
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Program Year


Program Length:

8 Weeks

Program Type

Carpenter Apprenticeship

Program Delivery

Traditional classroom setting with lab demonstrations and practical projects.

Eligible students are determined by Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT). See for more details.

Minimum Requirement: Registered Apprentice in the trade through Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT), 1st Period completed.

Any provider approved by Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training.