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Critical Reading and Writing: Poetry, Drama, and Novel


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The literary content of English 1012 will vary from section to section, but students should expect to encounter works from three main genres: novels, drama, and poetry. All sections will include one novel and one Shakespeare play or one contemporary play and one Shakespeare play. Excerpts of other plays from various historical periods, including contemporary and cultural contexts, will be included. Poetry will include, but not be restricted to, poems from the Romantic, Victorian, Pre-Raphaelite, Modern, and Contemporary eras. Approximately 30% of class time will be instruction in writing. This can take the form of grammar exercises, essay workshops, informal writing exercises, stylistic and other critical analyses, research skills, and peer editing. These assignments may be graded. Students will be required to write at least three essays (for a total of not less than 2000 words), which will be marked and formally graded. One of these essays will be a research topic, and one essay will be written in class.

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