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60 weeks

Program Description

Start a university education in your community and save wear and tear on your vehicle! You can take your first 2 years at Northern Lakes College instead of going to a major centre. Our university transfer courses are accessible, affordable, and convenient. Class sizes are small, and instructors are helpful and caring.

You can earn university credits towards a Northern Lakes College certificate or diploma. Credits can be transferred into these programs: Addiction Services Worker, Community Health Promotion, Early Learning and Childcare, Educational Assistant, Emergency Medical Technician, Practical Nurse, or Social Work. You can also transfer the university credits to another institution, into programs such as Aboriginal Studies, Arts, Education, General Studies, Social Work, or the Aboriginal Teacher Education Program. To start planning your university education, please meet with our Program Advisor.

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Program Delivery

Blended delivery at all campuses using these strategies:
 Internet-based programs, such as Collaborate and Moodle
 Instructor-led face-to-face classes
 Online tutorial support
 Some on-site tutorial support.
Students may have to move for short periods of time to another community in order to complete a course. Costs incurred for this are the responsibility of the students.
Students may also need to travel occasionally to another campus for face-to-face classes to learn particular skills or interact with the instructor and classmates. Costs incurred for this travel are the responsibility of the students.
Note: Classes are usually scheduled in 3-hour blocks once per week. Some classes are scheduled for evenings, and some Spring term classes are offered in 3-week blocks of study.
To learn more about Collaborate and to experience using it, check out this guide:

To learn more about Moodle and to experience using it, check out this guide:


Sep 05, 2017 - Jun 22, 2018 - Available Anywhere

Academic Requirements

Fluency in English is required:
English 30-1 (60%) or English 30-2 (70%) or ENGL0190 (60%) or an English equivalency (ACCUPLACER assessment).

If English is your second language, refer to the International Student Information.
You will also need to submit all post-secondary transcripts with your application.
If you want to transfer into a diploma or degree program, the program may have other admission requirements, including high school math and science prerequisites.
You can discuss the requirements with the University Studies Program Advisor when you select courses.

Other Requirements



Some courses are transferable to other programs and institutions.

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