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Introductory Cree Language


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Introductory Cree Language INDG 1000 is a university-level course that provides instruction at the introductory level; it is designed for students with no previous knowledge of the Cree language.
Students will be learning basic Cree language and culture over a 15-week period which will cover topics such as: basic greetings, expressions and etiquette, date and weather terms as well as numbers, verbs, pronouns, basic conversation and Cree culture. Students will learn the spoken use of Cree through online instruction, activities, language labs and self-evaluation. Students will gain an understanding of how to continue with their language learning outside of their academic program.
Students are expected to spend about seven to ten hours per week engaging with the activities of this course. Repetition and practice are key techniques in learning a language. It is advised that students practice reading, listening and speaking Cree language daily throughout the course.
The goal of the course is for students to be effective, competent and comfortable as introductory Cree speakers. Please note there are numerous Cree dialects, this course will be focusing on Plains Cree Y dialect.
Students will not become fluent conversationalists after taking this course, but it will prepare them for the intermediate levels of language study at the university level.

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