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Suicide Awareness and Prevention training

For students, staff, and community members in NLC’s service region!

In collaboration with the Centre for Suicide Prevention, Northern Lakes College is pleased to offer complimentary ‘Start’ Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training for students, staff, and community members. This course can be taken anytime online. 


About the Training

LivingWorks ‘Start’ is an online, skills-based suicide prevention training program that anyone can learn in as little as one hour. Accessible from any computer or mobile device, the program features realistic audiovisuals and powerful e-learning technology. It also offers customizable elements based on users’ profiles and needs and provides quick access to support and safety resources. Trainees learn life-saving skills to keep their family members, friends, co-workers, and others safe from suicide.

To sign-up for this FREE training, contact:

Kyle Paulson, Student Wellness Facilitator
Phone: 1-888-652-8780 ext. 8641


Trauma: Overview and Awareness On-Demand Webinar

For students, staff, and community members in NLC’s service region!

The Council of Community Education Committees of Northern Lakes College is pleased to sponsor this On-Demand Webinar from the Crisis & Trauma Resource Center. This course is available online, any time, until December 2021. Participants will be prompted to take a test over the content after viewing the webinar and will receive a certificate of participation.

Webinar Description: Trauma is a wound that injures us emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually. As a result, the impact of trauma can be far-reaching and enduring. This webinar provides an overview of the way trauma affects a person through the brain and nervous system. Signs and symptoms of trauma are reviewed along with an introduction to what it means to be trauma-informed.

Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this webinar participants should be able to Describe the basic trauma responses from within the nervous system Identify the common short- and long-term impacts of trauma in a person’s life List key concepts for incorporating a trauma-informed lens into one’s setting

Target Audience: This is an introductory-intermediate level webinar intended for anyone interested in learning more about this topic.

Method of Delivery: Each webinar is 60 minutes in length. Live webinars will each contain 60 minutes of instruction from the facilitator using visual PowerPoint slides and then there will be 5-10 minutes at the end of the webinar when participants can ask questions directly to the instructor and hear feedback from them in realtime. On-demand webinars include no interactivity with the instructor.

Completing Webinar: Upon viewing the entire webinar, you will be prompted to take a test over the content and then you will receive a certificate of participation. An evaluation form will be available to complete after submitting the posttest.

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