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Fees and Refunds

​Fees shown in publications and on the website are subject to change. Northern Lakes College reserves the right to make changes to fees listed without notice. Fees may vary from student to student depending on the courses being taken. Books and other supply costs listed with each program description (including Learning Resource Fees) are approximate estimates provided for financial planning.

At various times, Northern Lakes College will form a partnership with other educational institutions and agencies to deliver programs and courses on a cost-recovery basis. Tuition and other fees for these programs and courses may be set by the delivering institution or may be subject to special fees that differ from those shown in the Fee Schedule.

The fees for Continuing Education & Corporate Training and other non-credit, general interest courses may vary. Please check the Continuing Education & Corporate Training schedule​ for an up-to-date list of courses and applicable fees. ​

Payment of Fees


Full-time and Part-time Students
Full-time students in all programs, except Adult Upgrading, are required to pay a $100.00 non-refundable, non-deferrable tuition deposit at the time of registration or provide verification of sponsorship. The fee for part-time students is $75.00.  Fees are due two weeks prior to the start date. Fees can be paid at any College location using cash, che​que, money order, Visa or MasterCard.

Students who have sponsors paying their fees and school costs must provide a letter to the Office of the Registrar stating what is being covered along with any other invoicing information. Any type of special payment options must be arranged prior to the program start date.



Early Withdrawal Deadline:

Students withdrawing within the first ten business days after the term or course start date will be refunded all fees and tuition paid, less commitment and Learning Resource Fee (LRF) and administration fees. Please note refund of LRF is dependent upon return of all relevant learning resources (unopened) to Northern Lakes College. Students in program and course offerings who withdraw within five business days for terms or courses that are ten weeks or less in duration will be eligible for a refund after five business days.

Withdrawing within 10 to 20 days after term or course start:

Students withdrawing after the first ten business days and up to twenty business days after the term or course start date will be refunded 75% of tuition and Student Association fees, less commitment fee. The LRF will not be refunded. Students in program and course offerings of ten weeks or less will be eligible for a 75% refund after the first five business days and up to ten business days.

Withdrawing more than 20 days after term or course start:

Students who withdraw more than twenty business days after the term or course start date will not be eligible for a refund of any fees.

In the event that the student is sponsored, the refund will be made payable to the sponsor unless the sponsor has signed a consent to release directly to the student.

For additional information please contact the Office of the Registrar toll-free at 1-866-652-3456.



Tuition fees for most programs are calculated on either a weekly or a per credit basis, depending on the type of program/course being taken. Program and course tuition costs are outlined for each program. Where programs have cross-listed courses, the per credit rate will be determined by the department authoring the cross-listed course.

​​Program Type


Academic Upgrading

$100 per credit

Advanced Care Paramedic Upgrading Certificate, Critical Care Transport Post-Diploma Certificate (pending) and Primary Care Paramedic Upgrading Certificate

$150 per credit

Business Administration - Certificate

$116 per credit

Business Administration - Diploma

$118 per credit

Certificate Career Programs
(Excludes Advanced Care Paramedic Upgrading,  Business Administration Certificate, Critical Care Transport (pending) and Primary Care Paramedic Upgrading)

$118 per credit

College and Career Preparation

$118 per credit

Diploma & University Transfer Programs
(Excludes Business Administration Diploma)

$118 per credit

Emergency Medical Responder

$118 per credit

Health Care Aide

$118 per credit (Full Time)
$1534 flat fee (PLAR model)
$1534 flat fee (eSTEP model)

Integrated Training (AEI), New programs,

As set by funder & program

Life Skills

$100 per week

Power Engineering

$63 per credit (3rd Class)
$61 per credit (4th Class)
$56 per credit (5th Class)
$5,000.00 per program (4th Class Power Lab) 

Survey Theory & Calculations

$118 per credit

Introduction to Surveying Certificate

$118 per credit

Trades - Apprenticeship

$98 per week (as set by Alberta Industry & Trades Training)

Trades - Pre-Employment

Exception Pre-Employment Mobile Crane ($450 per week) and Pre-Employment Heavy Equipment Technician ($250 per week)

$166 per week to a maximum of $5070 per year

International Visa Students

​200% of normal tuition for each course or program


Other Fees and Charges


Audit Fee

50% of normal tuition for each course (must be specified as audit at registration – Learning Resource Fee is payable)​

Career Planning Assessment Fee

$60 per assessment (when selected)

Challenge Fee

50% of normal tuition to challenge a course exam for 100% of final mark without formal instruction.  Note: applicable only for courses where challenge exams are available. No Learning Resource Fee is required to be paid.

Document Request Fee

$15 for each additional transcript, certificate or other document provided after the initial document has been issued, including transcripts issued to third party agencies for certification purposes.  This does not include transcripts issued through Apply Alberta.

Evaluation Fee for Prior Learning Assessment (Informal)

50% of normal tuition. May include a comprehensive challenge exam or through assessment of informal evidence. No Learning Resource Fee is charged.

GED Exam

​Writing Fee: $200
Re-write Fee: $200

Invigilation Fee

$40 per scheduled hour for supervision of external non-public post-secondary institutional examinations (not applicable for eCampus Alberta)

Learning Resource Fee

Varies per program –for required textbooks, course materials and resources

Student Association Fee

$4.50 per credit  - subject to change

$2.50 Per week - Trades - Apprenticeship - subject to change

(Exceptions include:Dual Credit Students and Power Engineering 4th Class Power Lab)