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BEL programming is now available to anyone within the NLC service region. Northern Lakes College has partnered with Community Adult Learning Program (CALPs) to offer Basic Education Level (Grade 4 to 9) programming and Employability Skills courses at no charge! The cost of tuition and books is covered. Interested participants can apply online, or at their local campus. Full-time and part-time options are available. 

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Community Adult Learning Program

Community Adult Learning Program Locations

Community Adult Learning Program Locations

The Community Adult Learning Program supports over 120 community-based learning organizations who provide Adult Literacy and Foundational Learning opportunities in over 430 communities in every region of the province. These Community Adult Learning Programs (CALPs) are supported by the Community Learning Network, who works collaboratively with diverse system stakeholders and partners, to provide CALP staff with the professional development, training and support services they need to drive relevant, quality adult learning.

The Community Adult Learning Program is funded and supported by the Government of Alberta.

The Community Adult Learning Program works with providers to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Adult learners are proficient in foundational skills.
  2. Adult learners participate in further learning opportunities.
  3. Adult learners navigate the learning system.
  4. Adult learners benefit from learning opportunities within their communities.

Community Adult Learning Programs within the Northern Lakes College Stewardship Region

CALP and NLC logo banner

Athabasca- Words Work Literacy Society

(780) 675-5650


Manning Community Adult Learning & LiteracyCouncil

(780) 836-2664

Chinchaga Learning Centre

(780) 926-5625


Manning Community Resource Centre (Aboriginal) Society

 (780) 836-4329

East Prairie Metis Settlement


(780) 523-2594


Peace River Community Adult Learning

(780) 624-4220

Fox Creek Adult Education Program

(780) 622-3758


Peavine Metis Settlement

(780) 523-2557

Gift Lake Metis Settlement

(780) 767-3794


Slave Lake Adult Education

(780) 849-8625

High Prairie - Prairie River Community Education

(780) 523-4111


 Smoky River Adult Learning and Literacy

Facebook page:
Smoky River Adult Learning

 (780) 837-3013

Kayas Cultural College

(780) 759-3912


Valleyview Community Learning Council

(780) 524-4323

La Crete Community Adult Learning Council

(780) 928-2008



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CALP Coordinators are invited to request their events and activities promoted on Northern Lakes College social media platforms. 

Complete the form below with the details of the event, course or activity. If further details are required you will be contacted by a representative from Northern Lakes College External Relations.

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