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Supported Distance Teaching

How is online teaching different at Northern Lakes College?

Northern Lakes College provides a Supported Distance Teaching environment to all NLC faculty. We do more than simply provide access to courses and course material to our faculty. Some of the supports available to faculty include:

  • Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW): This week-long workshop provides new faculty with the tools they require to teach online at Northern Lakes College.
  • EducationTalk Sessions: These sessions occur weekly in Blackboard Collaborate and cover a variety of topics that are pertinent to teaching online at NLC. All of the sessions are recorded and archived, making them accessible whenever and from wherever!
  • The Centre for Teaching and Learning and IT Services Help Desks: These two help desks provide faculty with “just-in-time” support to ensure smooth sailing!
  • Instructor support courses: The Centre for Teaching and Learning creates and maintains help courses to provide faculty with “self-help” support options.

With digital access to the Centre for Teaching and Learning and IT Services, you will receive the same quality of support as a faculty member would that is on campus. All of the supports are available and accessible online, meaning your location will not affect your ability to receive support!

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Benefits of Supported Distance Teaching

  • Accessibility: Supports are accessible Monday to Friday, from 8:15 am – 4:30 pm. There are also asynchronous supports available anytime, anywhere.
  • Flexibility: Supports are available in a variety of methods. Live online EducationTalks sessions, one-to-one support via email or phone, and self-help courses that are available anytime, anywhere. This allows you to choose the option that works best for you!
  • Community: You become part of the Northern Lakes College community removing feelings of isolation, even if you’re working from home – you are not alone!