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Northern Lakes College Academic Council draws upon a collegiate tradition of consultation in decision making, recognizes college students as participants in the educational process, promotes initiatives consistent with the College’s primary purpose of teaching and learning, and functions within the framework of the College’s mission statement and values.

Academic Council acknowledges and respects the rights, functions and responsibilities of all other college bodies including the Board of Governors, the employee and student associations, the Community Education Committees and their Council, and the College management.

47 (1) An Academic Council

a)        shall make recommendations or reports to the board with respect to any matter that the College Board refers to the Academic Council, including academic procedures related to the following matters:

(i)    standards and procedures respecting the selection and admission of students other than students in apprenticeship programs under the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act;

(ii)   courses and programs of instruction or training provided or to be provided by the College Board; and

(iii)  academic awards 

b)   shall, in accordance with the process established under section 45(3), review proposed programs of study to be offered by the public college or technical institute, and make a report respecting that review, and

c)   may make recommendations or reports to the College Board on any other matter the Academic Council considers advisable

(2) A recommendation or report of an Academic Council under subsection (1) must be in writing and must be transmitted to the College Board through the President for consideration at its next meeting.

In accordance with the Post-Secondary Learning Act [Section 46(1)], the Academic Council Constitution outlines the following appointments to the committee, for a total of 21 members:

Elected by the Northern Lakes College Board of Governors:

  • Six (6) board appointments consisting of no more than 4 senior officials

Elected by the Northern Lakes College Faculty Association:

  • Seven (7) faculty association appointments

Elected by the Northern Lakes College Student Association:

  • Seven (7) Student Association appointments

Automatic appointment:

  • The President (or designate)

Alternates have the full rights of members when sitting for a member.