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Apprenticeship Trades

Apprenticeship Trades

Show employers you can hit the ground running with the experience you will gain through our Apprenticeship programs. Students learn from experienced tradespeople who have worked in the field.

First Period Electrician and Welder Apprentices can now continue to work full-time while completing the theory portion of the program through NLC LIVE Online ™.

Beneficial to employers! With the blended delivery method, Electrician and Welder Apprentices will not need to leave their jobs for long stretches of time, unlike traditional apprenticeship training offerings.


Face-to-Face: When the instructor and students are interacting at the same time, at the same physical location.

NLC LIVE Online™: Scheduled classes online, where students log in to a program (Blackboard Collaborate™) with instructors and peers on the same day, at the same time.

NLC Anytime, Anywhere: Classes are unscheduled, where students log in to a program (Moodle) at any time to complete their work. 

Blended: Courses where you have a combination of face-to-face and online (NLC Anytime, Anywhere and/or NLC LIVE Online).

Dual Credit: Students in high school can experience College programs while earning post-secondary credits.

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