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2021-2022 Viewbook

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Life can get in the way of school but, when the time is right to further your education, Northern Lakes College is here. Whatever the situation may be, we are proud to offer a variety of courses that cater to learners from all backgrounds. From Academic Upgrading to certificate and diploma programs and Continuing Education & Corporate Training, you are bound to find a course or program that interests you.

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2020 Community Report - A Year in Review

2020 Community Report - A Year in Review

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The Community Report is an opportunity to reflect on the past year, celebrate our successes and our response to challenges, and provide a snapshot of activities undertaken by Northern Lakes College in 2020, which turned out to be a rather unforgettable year. 

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Continuing Education & Corporate Training Schedule

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With a wide range of courses delivered in a variety of formats, Northern Lakes College’s Continuing Education & Corporate Training (CE&CT) department is committed to providing the skills development, career enhancement, and interest training that you want. Your training needs are why we’re here.

2019-20 Annual Report

Annual Report

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Community. Respect. Accessibility. Collaboration. Excellence. Lifelong Learning.

These are the core values guiding the development of our Institutional Plan and the decisions made for and by our communities and learners. To Northern Lakes College, ensuring accessibility means maximizing the technological tools available to distribute educational programming throughout our vast region. Our infrastructure not only includes capital
projects involving bricks and mortar, but also integral is a robust technological backbone that can ensure distribution of our programs and services to all of our students throughout our region, the province, and beyond.

Comprehensive Institutional Plan 2019-2022

Comprehensive Institutional Plan

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Northern Lakes College is a unique and vibrant Comprehensive Community College serving over 50 communities including 15 First Nations and four (4) Métis Settlements throughout northern Alberta. With accessibility as a cornerstone strategic initiative, Northern Lakes College considers itself a distance learning institution and experiences a consistently growing student population.