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50th Year

We are Celebrating 50 Years in 2020.

50 years of passion for what we do, where we are, and who we are. 50 years of inspiring students and investing in our communities. 50 years of relentlessly pursuing our quest for excellence. 50 years of game changing and trailblazing.

Northern Lakes College was founded to enable adults to continue their education, improve their employment, and enhance their quality of life. Celebrate with us!

A History of Excellence…

In 50 years, Northern Lakes College has transformed in many ways, but one thing will always remain the same; our commitment to providing access to quality educational programs and services that allow students to continue their education, improve employment opportunities, and enhance quality of life. With innovative delivery technologies, we have grown to meet the needs of students across Alberta, Canada, and beyond.

then and now

THEN: Building on the foundation of Recreation Services that highlighted physical and social well-being for students, NLC Student Wellness Services has grown to support student retention and resilience by providing programs that engage, equip, and empower students to invest in their personal well-being across the whole life experience. This benefits personal well-being and supports academic success.  


NOW: Today, students in any program at any location can enjoy:

  • Free mental health and Counselling support
  • Digital wellness magazine and resources
  • Student wellness content in programs
  • Online wellness challenges and contests
  • Student Association events
then and now

THEN & NOW: Practical Nurse program – 38 years of excellence

The Practical Nurse program was originally offered in 1982 as the Registered Nurse Assistant certificate program. By 1995, both the College and the program had evolved and developed into the Practical Nursing Certificate program.  By 2005, the role of a Licensed Practical Nurse had expanded so greatly in Alberta that another program evolution was vital: the program transformed into the in-depth two-year Practical Nurse Diploma program that Northern Lakes College offers today.

With the increase in skills taught, community need, and professional duties, Practical Nurses are no longer considered assistants, but now play a unique and important role in the medical community.

then and now

THEN: Dating back to the late 1970’s, Northern Lakes College utilized mobile units to bring hands-on portions of programming right to the students.

NOW: Northern Lakes College continues to provide students the convenience of staying in their home communities while being introduced to a hands-on trade’s experiences that will help them match their gained skillsets to career opportunities.

then and now

THEN: Northern Lakes College has always put accessibility at the forefront. This dates back to the 1980’s when AVC – Lesser Salve Lake offered distance education by offering courses thorough teleconferencing, audio-graphics conferencing, or video conferencing. Learners from all over NLC’s region enjoyed access to programs and courses from their home communities.
NOW: Northern Lakes College continues to grow upon that vision today, providing flexible educational opportunities. NLC’s Supported Distance Learning (SDL) includes unique online delivery options such as NLC LIVE Online™ and NLC Anytime, Anywhere. These provide learners with the flexibility to balance work, home, and school, and the ‘wraparound’ system provides a supportive learning environment with staff at each campus to assist, counsel, and provide specialized learning assistance. Students can now access their courses on their smartphone through the NLC Connect app.