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Native Cultural Arts Museum


The Native Cultural Arts Museum provides quality learning experiences to the public by respectfully portraying the history, cultures, and languages of northern Alberta.​

About Us

The Native Cultural Arts Museum is a part of Northern Lakes College and is located in the Grouard Campus in northern Alberta. When the museum was established in 1976, it was affiliated with the Native Cultural Arts and Design program that was formerly offered at the Grouard Alberta Vocational College, which later became Northern Lakes College.​​

The original purpose of the Northern Lakes College Native Cultural Arts Museum was twofold: to promote a better understanding and education of Aboriginal arts and designs, and to create a space to showcase the creative achievements of students from the Native Cultural Arts and Design Program. Over time, this initiative grew to become an integral part of the Northern Lakes College mandate.

Today, the Museum’s artifact collection celebrates various aspects of Indigenous cultures, with a special focus on Métis peoples and the Woodland Cree of northern Alberta. The Museum’s historical and contemporary collections serve to educate the public by depicting Aboriginal lifestyles through exhibits of art, music, hunting, regalia, clothing, and more.

The Native Cultural Arts Museum is owned and operated by Northern Lakes College with additional support and funding from the Alberta Museums Association, Young Canada Works, Canada Summer Jobs, and the Municipal District of Big Lakes.