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Indigenous Advisory Council

The Northern Lakes College Indigenous Advisory Council supports the mamawapowin Virtual Indigenous Student Centre in the selection of content and knowledge keepers.

The Indigenous Advisory Council is a standing committee which contributes to developing opportunities to incorporate the Truth & Reconciliation Commissions’ Calls to Action to the College’s programs and services. The membership includes representation from across the College. The Indigenous Advisory Council receives its mandate from the Office of the President and is accountable to the same. It acts as a recommending body to the Senior Leadership Team regarding strategic goals and objectives regarding Indigenous programs and services. 

The Indigenous Advisory Council has the following objectives: 

  1. Recommend strategies, programs, and services in alignment with the College’s strategic initiatives. 
  2.  Provide ongoing training and development activities supporting the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions’ Calls to Action for staff and students.  
  3. Specific Objectives:  
    1. Oversee the process for strategic planning of the Indigenous Advisory Council initiatives. 
    2. Answer Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission as they relate to post-secondary colleges.
    3.  Adhere to the articles contained in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People that are applicable to our College Terms of Reference – Indigenous Advisory Council context.
    4. Commit to making Indigenous education a priority.
    5. Ensure governance structures recognize and respect Indigenous peoples.
    6. Provide educational programs and services to support cultural traditions of Indigenous peoples and reconciliation, which is relevant to learners and communities.  
    7. Support students and employees to increase understanding and reciprocity among Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.  
    8. Provide input to Counselling services regarding Indigenous-centered holistic services and learning environments for learner success.
    9. Build relationships and be accountable to Indigenous communities in support of self-determination through education and training.
    10. Presents new recommendations to the Senior Leadership Team for advice and recommendation to the President.
    11. Develop and/or review related policy, procedures and regulations.
    12. Oversee Indigenous Advisory Council strategies by evaluating processes, metrics and goals to improve the quality of all initiatives. 

Employee Development
In response to the Calls to Action, Northern Lakes College created Engaging Indigenous Learners, a professional development course which all employees must complete. The course consists of independent modules to help those in the educational field work effectively with Indigenous learners. Emphasis is placed on awareness, trust, and a genuine desire to embrace diversity, as well as different ways of learning. The modules are designed so they can stand alone as individual references to areas of engaging Indigenous learners or be studied in succession.

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