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The Moose Hide Campaign

Northern Lakes College is proud to support the annual Moose Hide Campaign, which is celebrated in May.

Moose Hide Campaign Day is a day of ceremony where all Canadians are called to join together to take a stand against violence towards women and children and to take practical steps for our collective journey of reconciliation. – Moose Hide

Learn more about Moose Hide Campaign Day.

Significance of the Moose Hide Pin
What is the significance of the moose hide pin? “The small, humble piece of moose hide is a concrete way to spark conversations and build personal and collective commitment and capacity to address this critical issue.” - Dominic Paul, Moose Hide Campaign National Ambassador who is also responsible for overseeing the pin production.

Watch – The Story of the Moose Hide Campaign Founders Paul Lacerte and Raven Lacerte discuss the genesis of the campaign.

Moose Hide as Medicine Co-founder Paul Lacerte on the meaning of the medicine of the moose.

Learn the Issue
The Moose Hide Campaign webpage contains important information about violence against women and the importance of engaging men and boys in addressing the issue. Learn the issue.

Moose Hide Campaign News
Read - Women’s Memorial Marches Across Canada

Read - The Moose Hide Pin – A Gift of Medicine

Read – Changing the World, One Pin at a Time

Watch – Cultivating Safe Spaces with Elaine Alec

You can mark Moose Hide Campaign Day in a variety of ways, including participating in a local walk to end violence or watching the livestream of events, including starting your day with a sunrise ceremony from Canada’s East Coast and ending your day with a fast-breaking ceremony from the West Coast.

Fast to End Violence
As in common in many Indigenous cultures, fasting is a symbol of commitment, and a way to deepen your intention. We encourage everybody to participate in the fast from sunrise to sunset on Moose Hide Campaign Day. – Moose Hide

The Importance of fasting with Elder Lee Brown 

Fasting with Elder Marie-Josée Tardiff

The Moose Hide Campaign has prepared a guide to explain the cultural significance of fasting and offer guidance for fasting safely. If you have any questions about the fast or the Moose Hide Campaign, please contact

The Moose Hide Campaign is a grassroots movement co-founded by Paul Lacerte and daughter, Raven Lacerte. Learn more about the founders.

Visit the Moose Hide Campaign YouTube page for further resources.

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