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An Ambassador for Success

Posted on Jun 5, 2017
NLC Alumni Jzomuel 'Jay' Vida

Photo: Jay Vida

As an energetic and enthusiastic student, Jay fit in with the class well and instantly made friends with his peers. His excitement to be part of the class was contagious! Jzomuel (Jay) Vida was a student of the Practical Nurse Program from the Grande Prairie Campus, who graduated in June of 2017. Jay comes from a family who all work in the health sector, and he pursued nursing while he was still living in the Philippines. Jay continued his educational journey with Northern Lakes College to become a Licensed Practical Nurse in Canada.

Being a newcomer to Canada can pose many challenges. “The main challenge was the language. English is not my first language. Northern Lakes College provides e-tutor which guided me in the right direction and helped me explain my thoughts on paper,” he said. Jay excelled and had some of the top grades in his class but he always found time to help others whether this was explaining a nursing principle or helping with an assignment.

Jay says that going through secondary education for the third time really surprised him. “I have never seen instructors devote their time and effort in ensuring that their students are ready for the real world. They are very passionate about teaching and inspiring us to be the best that we can be. I felt I would succeed in the program from day one because the instructors at the College support and have confidence in their students.”

Jay Vida was Valedictorian of the Graduation Class of 2017. During his speech he said “Northern Lakes College has been known for producing the best professionals regardless of their chosen careers. This is because they choose the best people to educate, guide, support, train and nurture their students,” and he reminded his peers, “Be compassionate, stay humble, keep the passion burning inside your heart, take time to laugh, and share a piece of yourself with the world.”

Vida’s instructors feel he is up for any challenge the PN role has to throw at him. One memory stands out for his instructor, Ann Noseworthy. “We were working on a busy medical unit and Jay was given the task of caring for a gentleman who had been given the news of terminal cancer. Jay cared for him daily and always kept a positive attitude. He helped the patient transition at such a difficult time and did so with compassion as well as any veteran nurse. It was a proud moment for me. I am inspired by his passion for nursing and his caring attitude. He will be an amazing nurse.”