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Canada-Alberta Job Grant

What is the Canada-Alberta Job Grant? Canadian businesses can get up to two-thirds of their employee training costs covered through the Canada Job Grant

The grant is available to businesses in all sectors. Applications must be made by the employer. Individuals who are interested in the program must ask their employer to apply for training.

Funding for employee training is available through the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. 

Eligible Programs and Courses
Northern Lakes College offers courses and programs that are eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. We also provide group training options for organizations. These programs and courses are the perfect fit to apply for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant:

Canada Job Grant Information
To qualify for funding, training must:

  • be 21 hours and over in length
  • be completed within one year of the program start date
  • be provided by a third party
  • result in a record of completion, a mark, a certificate, or an industry-recognized credential

Training can be part-time or full-time and delivered online.

Application forms, instructions and frequently asked questions are available on the Canada-Alberta Job Grant Application Guide.

Please note: If you're unemployed and live in Alberta, the Canada Job Grant will now cover training costs for eligible unemployed hires up to $15,000. Please see the Canada-Alberta Job Grant webpage for more information. 


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