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Contract Bundle Training

A well-trained work force is any organization’s greatest asset. Northern Lakes College offers a variety of programs that can help meet your training needs. Contact us today to bring one of the sample training bundles below to your community OR to create a customized training package for your organization.

Life Skills
Assist your clients to develop the skills, characteristics, and attitude necessary to succeed in the workplace or in further schooling.

General Education Development (GED) Preparation
Prepare your clients to successfully write the General Educational Development (GED) examinations in order to obtain their Alberta High School Equivalency Diploma.

Trades Preparation
Prepare your clients to pursue trades-related training opportunities by upgrading academics and exploring hands-on trades skills. Students will be prepared to write the trades entrance exam for their trade of choice. This program includes effective study skills, safe work practices, and the basic knowledge and skills required to work as a labourer or apprentice in a variety of trades and industries.

Pre-Employment Trades
Prepare your clients to challenge their first-period apprenticeship exam through training that combines apprenticeship theory instruction with hands-on trade skills development. Clients successfully challenging the apprenticeship exam will be able to carry on with apprenticeship once they are signed on with an appropriate employer.

Job Readiness
The Job Readiness program is a three-month program designed to assist students to improve their employability skills. The program helps students to build the skills necessary to successfully take control of the direction of their lives and improve personal awareness. Students will develop valuable skills to succeed in education, work, and life.

Forest Operations Metrics and Management
Prepare your clients to participate in the forest industry. Students will be prepared for a wide variety of entry-level positions in forest operations or to participate in a logging training program. Topics covered may include woodland navigation using GPS and compass, woodland stewardship, woodland wildlife and biodiversity, and safety training.