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Assistive Technology at NLC

Here are some helpful videos and websites that will support you as you use this new technology. 


Read&Write is a literacy toolbar that supports students with tools like reading text aloud, understanding unfamiliar words and proof reading your written work. As well, speech recognition software lets you dictate, send emails and enable speech-activated reports. It is fast, easy and accurate. We have Read&Write available for both PC and Mac users.

Look at this video from Texthelp that shows you some of the options Read&Write has to offer:

Livescribe Smartpens

Smartpens allow you to record and playback everything you write, hear, or say. The pen comes with a USB connector (to connect to your computer), a built-in microphone and replaceable ink-tip. It looks like a pen, works like a pen, but is SO much more than a pen! To learn more, click here for the official Livescribe FAQ.

Now we have two versions of Livescribe Smartpens: Livescribe 3 (which uses your tablet or smartphone) and Livescribe Echo that has a built-in memory.

Look at this video from Livescribe demonstrating what the Echo Smartpen can do:

Look at this video from Livescribe showing you what the NEW Livescribe 3 Smartpen can do:

Please note: You do NOT have permission to distribute recordings from your classes. This is an accommodation just for you.