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Students' Association

​​​​All full-time and part-time students at Northern Lakes College are automatically members of the Students' Association. The student fees collected with College tuition fees go towards financing the business of the Students' Association.

Students' Council

The governing body of the Students' Association is the Students' Council. The Council is made up of representatives from each of the College's campuses. Every fall, the students at each campus vote in their representative for the year.

Representatives act as liaisons between the Students' Council, the Community Education Committee (CEC), and the students on their campus by sharing information and bringing issues forward.

The Students' Council consists of an executive composed of a President, a Vice-president and a Treasurer who are elected from among the Council members at their first fall meeting.

The C​ollege assists the Students' Council by providing a Business Manager from among its staff, providing meeting space, and other services as required. The Students' Council is the official student voice to the Board of Governors through the College President.

For more information check out the Northern Lakes College Students' Association Web Page