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NLC Support Services has the solutions to common technical issues encountered by students and staff. Check out the service, available 24/7 for common issues involving Collaborate, e-mail, registering for CE&CT courses, and more. 

I am not able to login to my College email.


When asked, enter your College provided  username (“studentID”@northernlakescollege) and password. If you do not know your password hit reset password and follow the instructions. A more detailed Password reset guide is available here.

Unable to access courses in D2L after successful login to D2L.


After the student is successfully registered into a program/course they will able to login to D2L and browse open courses. The course they are registered will not be activated until a few days before the course start. If registered after the course has started it can take up to 24hrs for Courses to show up in D2L course listing. Contact your program advisor or student services if the course do not show up after the 24 hr period.

I am a returning student and having a login problem.


Please try resetting your password using the web link located on the College’s MyNLC page. If this doesn’t resolve the problem contact the IT Service desk with your contact info and a brief description of the problem and what you have tried to do already.

How to join Collaborate from work or a corporate computer


Having trouble joining Collaborate from work or a corporate computer? click here


I am not able to login using NLC Connect App.


There are a number of items that can cause problem successfully launching the NLC Connect app by a student or staff member. It is recommended to uninstall App and reinstall latest version.

Student/Staff member needs to ensure they have Data enabled and active on the device.

Verify login credentials by visiting “My Mail” link on “MY NLC” webpage.

If none of these correct the issue please contact the IT Service Desk.

I am a returning student and want to add another Continuing Education course. I am not able to successfully login to add new Course.


This can be resolved by entering just “StudentID” and password associated with the account on the College’s Continuing Education Portal accessible on the “Apply Now” web page. A password reset may be required if you do not remember your password, If a password reset does not resolve the issue then contact the IT Service Desk.

If you have not used this account for a long period of time it may have been deactivated. Please contact the IT Service Desk for further help.

How can I access Moodle?


Moodle can be accessed by visiting “Quick Links” on the College’s  “MY NLC” Webpage.

A second method is login into  using your College username and password, then scrolling down to view all apps. A icon/link will be available for all the online services available to students, Moodle, D2L, Outlook(MyMail) plus others.

I do not remember my NLC username and/or password


Knowing your username and password is a requirement to access any online service or course at the College. Student usernames are their StudentID number. Student should enter “Username” as NLC students are now able to reset their own password by using the “Reset Password link located on the College’s MyNLC web page.

How to update an alternate email to enable a password reset


In order to reset your password online without Service desk help you must ensure you have a alternate email or cell number to contact during the reset process. Click the link below or the one located on the MYNLC page and follow instructions to update your reset information.

Reset Information

Can I use Chromebook to access Online Courses.


NLC recommends the use of a laptop with Microsoft Windows 10 Operating system, Google Chrome as Browser for best results.

A Chromebook can be used to participate in online Courses but can NOT be used to take Quizzes or exams. See guide on recommended hardware and software specs for taking a College course online. Software Specifications Guide.

How to enable Adobe Flash in Google Chrome Browser.


The site needs Flash to work.

If a website isn't working, you might need to change your settings to allow Flash.

  1. To the left of the website address, click lock icon or the info icon.
  2. At the bottom, click site settings
  3. In the new tab, to the right of "Flash", click the down arrow, then allow.
  4. Go back to the site and reload the page.

For more information click


How to contact IT Service Desk.


NLC IT support can be reached by calling 780.751.3290 or by Email: Email should include, StudentID Number, Call Back Phone Number and Brief description of the Problem. If Possible, take Screen Shot and attach it to email.  IT Helpdesk Hours of Operation are 8.15am -4.30pm MST Week days Only. IT Helpdesk is Closed on Weekend and Holidays.