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The IT Service Desk is available Monday to Friday from 8:15 am - 4:30 pm.  If you have a question or problem regarding software, hardware or audio visual needs, you can reach us in one of the following ways:

NLC Service Desk Icon

When submitting a ticket to the Service Desk, we encourage Staff to use the icon located on your desktop.  This method allows us to collect more data on the incident and the ticket will be sent directly to the person/group responsible for that type of service. Submitting your ticket using the desktop icon will provide you with FASTER service.

Many tickets submitted by email do not contain enough data and the techs spend a lot of time trying to get a hold of the staff member to get additional details.  If you choose to send an email, please provide your contact information, a full description of the problem, the name of the computer you are on (look for the sticker that says property of  NLC and the pc number) and the time and date of when the incident or problem occurred.