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Computer Network Specialist

Program Overview

Get into the fast-growing field of information technology with the Computer Network Specialist Certificate program. The program prepares you to build, maintain, and support a small business network. Graduates gain employment as Technical Support, Network/Systems Analyst, or Information Technology Support/Administrator. Dual-credit opportunities are available for this program.

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Sep 03, 2024 - Jun 25, 2025 - NLC Anytime, Anywhere - Available Anywhere
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Program Year


Program Length:

38 Weeks

Program Type

Business Certificates

Program Delivery

This program uses a supported distance learning model. This includes regularly scheduled classes and/or tutorial sessions using Bongo and D2L Brightspace, self-directed study, and field/practicum placements. Attendance in live classes is encouraged, but not mandatory. Students can access a campus for additional supports. This program is supported in a Windows® environment and uses Microsoft® software and programs. To learn more about Bongo and to experience using it, check out this guide: To learn more about D2L/Brightspace, check out this guide:

Computer skills and access to reliable high-speed internet.

A minimum of 50% in English 30-1 or 65% in English 30-2 or credit in ENGL 0190, and a minimum of 50% in Math 20-1 or 65% in Math 20-2 or credit in Math 0190.

To transfer, students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.3