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Health Care Aide - eSTEP (Employed Student Tutored Education Program)

Program Overview

If you are a non-certified Health Care Aide seeking certification, Northern Lakes College's Health Care Aide eSTEP Program is for you. The Employed Student Tutored Education Program (eSTEP) is an online, distance-delivered program designed to provide employed students with the support they require to gain certification as a Health Care Aide. There are four student intakes per year - October, December, February and April. You can start the 1st day of any of those four months as long as you are registered by the 10th day of the previous month. You will continue to gain work experience in the clinical setting, and that experience will be eligible for practicum credits. You will have one year to complete the program. On completing the required six theory courses, and completing 320 employment hours learners are required to write a HCA Provincial Exam to obtain a Government of Alberta Health Care Aide Certificate.

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Program Locations

Oct 02, 2023 - Oct 02, 2024 - NLC Anytime, Anywhere - Available Anywhere; Dec 04, 2023 - Dec 04, 2024 - NLC Anytime, Anywhere - Available Anywhere; Feb 05, 2024 - Feb 05, 2025 - NLC Anytime, Anywhere - Available Anywhere; Apr 01, 2024 - Apr 01, 2025 - NLC Anytime, Anywhere - Available Anywhere
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Program Year


Program Length:

52 Weeks

Program Type

Health Care Aide

Program Delivery

This program offering uses a distance delivery model NLC online/anywhere. Students in this program use on the job training with the courses delivered online, supported by tutors and self directed learning. Students have access to course materials, discussion forums, learning activities on Brightspace. Students may be required to attend face-to-face lab sessions, if the skills they need aren't available in their workplace setting. Costs associated with travel to attend onsite lab sessions are the student's responsibility. Participation and attendance to the lab sessions (if required) are mandatory for successful program completion.

To learn more about Brightspace and to experience using it, check out this guide:

Students must present letters from their employers as proof of employment. The letter must indicate current proof of employment as an uncertified Health Care Aide in the province of Alberta.

Credit in English 20-2 (60%) or equivalent. Credit in Math 20 or equivalent is strongly recommended. If academic requirements are not met it will be necessary for students to complete an ACCUPLACER assessment.

Students may apply for recognition of prior learning for courses successfully completed in the Government of Alberta Health Care Aide Curriculum Certificate (2019) at institutions who are licensed to offer the Alberta Health (2019) Provincial Curriculum. Additionally, students may apply for recognition of prior learning for clinical components completed in the workplace.

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