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Educational Assistant

The Educational Assistant Certificate program prepares you for a meaningful career working with children in school settings. Graduates will have the skills to assist students with exceptionalities by adapting their educational materials and programs. Educational Assistants also help students learn in one-on-one or small group situations, promote inclusion, prepare instructional materials for teachers, and monitor student progress.

At NLC, we understand our students need the flexibility to balance work and home. Our Educational Assistant program is flexible enough to fit into your lifestyle:

  • Take classes from home, work, or on-campus
  • Delivered online, through Supported Distance Learning
  • Apply as a part-time or full-time student
  • One-year certificate program for those in the full-time program
  • There are two intakes per year into the full-time program. Students may start the program in September and January. There are three intakes per year into the part-time program. Students may start the program in September, January, and May.

Applications should be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the term start date. Applications received with less than 4 weeks from the term start date may be processed for the next available start date.

Program Dates


Full-time September - June

  • Term 1 dates September - December 
  • Term 2 dates January - April 
  • Term 3 dates May – June 

Areas of Study


Educational Assistants also observe and report student progress to teachers and other related professionals. As well, they help students learn in one-on-one or small group situations, promote inclusion, and prepare instructional materials for teachers.

Courses include:

CDEV0101 - Child and Adolescent Development
COMM1000 - Interpersonal Communications for the Helping Profession
COMP2100 - Introduction to Educational Computer Applications
EDAS0102 - Effectively Managing Student Behaviour in Educational Settings
EDAS0105 - Language Development and Instructional Strategies
EDAS0106 - Math Development and Instructional Strategies
EDAS0108 - Introduction to Exceptionalities
EDAS0109 - Practicum I & Seminar
EDAS0118 - Working with Children with Exceptionalities
EDAS0119 - Practicum II
ENGL1000 - Introduction to English Language and Literature
LDER0180 - Leadership in Helping Professions



Career Potential


Graduates will be prepared to assist children with exceptionalities in the kindergarten to grade 12 school system and in early intervention programs.

Further Educational Opportunities


Graduates can transfer 12 credits into the Early Learning and Child Care program at NLC. Graduates have 9 credits of University Studies courses transferable into the Northern Lakes College and University of Calgary Community-Based Bachelor of Education degree program. Graduates may also transfer credits into Educational Assistant Diploma programs at other institutions.