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Where is the College located?


Northern Lakes College is a growing and unique institution that serves a region of 164,000 square kilometers, and more than 50 communities including ten First Nations and four Métis Settlements. Check out our campus locations page to find a location close to you. 

Does Northern Lakes College have student residences?


Currently, the College has a single dorm-style, and family residences at the Grouard Campus and townhouse-style, single residences at the Slave Lake Campus. For information and costs, call 1-866-652-3456 (toll free) and ask for the Student Residence Coordinator in Facilities (in Grouard or Slave Lake), or visit ​the Student Residences page.​ If you are interested in staying in residence, please complete an Application for Student Residence. Applications can also be obtained by calling 1-866-652-3456 and completed applications are to be forwarded to Admissions Services by either fax at (780) 849-2570, or mailed to: Admissions Services, 1201 Main Street SE, Slave Lake AB T0G 2A3.

How are the programs and courses taught?


The College uses a variety of means to deliver programs and courses to students. Face-to-face delivery methods include classroom teaching, lab work or workshops and practicums. Distance delivery methods include on-line learning technologies using the Internet (Collaborate, Moodle​, Brightspace) and other learning technologies.

Where can I find information on the programs and services offered by Northern Lakes College?


Browse through the college viewbook - or visit the Programs and Courses​ portion of the website. You can also visit a local campus or call Student Services at 1-866-652-3456.

How do I apply and become a student?


Complete and submit the Application for Admission form (available at any NLC campus, on the College website, or by calling Admissions Services at 1-866-652-3456), attaching any transcripts for previous training. Applications can also be submitted through the new province-wide application system (​) and transcripts from Alberta Education and ApplyAlberta participating institutions will be automatically forwarded. Specific criteria for each program may require additional forms or information to be submitted as well. Once all the criteria have been met, the applicant is accepted into the next available offering of the program.

How do I obtain my official high school transcript?


Contact Alberta Education at (780) 427-7219 or visit the Alberta Education website at Unless it is forwarded through the ApplyAlberta system there is a charge for official transcripts. For high school transcripts from other provinces, contact the school attended for information on obtaining official transcripts.

How do I find out the status of my application?


Call the Admissions Officer whose name appears on your acknowledgement letter or phone Admissions Services at (780) 849-8600 (Toll Free: 1-866-654-3456).

When and how will I receive marks for the courses I take at NLC?


Transcripts are issued to the address held in the College's student information system upon completion of the program or at the end of the academic year. Statements of marks are issued at the end of each term, if applicable.

How can I order official transcripts for programs and courses taken at NLC?


Obtain a document request form and submit it along with the appropriate fee to any NLC campus or forward it to Student Records Services, Grouard Campus, Bag 3000, Grouard AB T0G 1C0.
Document Request Form

When and how do I receive my certificate or diploma?


At the convocation ceremony, students receive a congratulatory letter if they are enrolled in the courses required for certification. When the final marks for all required courses in a program have been entered into the student record and it has been verified that the required courses have been successfully completed, a certificate/diploma is mailed to the student.

How can​ I access the information on my student file?


Call Student Records Services at (780) 751-3235 to arrange a date and time to view the contents of your student record. Identification will be required.

Do I need an ID card and what benefits does this provide?


A Student ID card (not picture ID) is produced by the Registrar's Office and forwarded to the program instructor for distribution to students. The card is used to prove identity when picking up student funding or bursary cheques and getting student rates at College cafeterias as well as accessing student services and benefits such as recreation equipment rentals and library loans.

How do I withdraw from my program and are there any deadlines? Will I get a refund of any fees?


Speak with your instructor or program advisor about withdrawing from the program. It is also recommended that students speak with a counsellor before making the decision to withdraw. After making the decision to withdraw, a withdrawal form is completed and forwarded to the Registrar's Office by the instructor. A refund will be issued if the withdrawal is within the deadline date (20% of the course length) and the refund will be 75% of the tuition fee. If the withdrawal occurs within the first 10 business days of the course, a full refund of fees will be issued.

Am I able to transfer from one campus or program to another and, if so, how do I do this?


Students registered at one campus may transfer to another campus (in the same program) if there is space available. Students must speak with their instructor or program advisor and their counsellor to request this and complete the appropriate request form.

Transfers between programs require a new application and the student must meet the entrance requirements for the new program. Acceptance into the new program is dependent on space availability and whether there is time to complete the program or courses.

What types of fees are there and what do they cover?


Each program will include a tuition fee that covers the program content and instruction. Most programs will also have a Learning Resource fee for texts, materials, technology and other resources (or a specific charge for materials/books). Membership in the Students' Association is mandatory for most programs and students pay a Students' Association fee.

Programs may also have other charges or costs associated with them to cover equipment, practicum, travel, camp costs, additional supplies, etc. Each program will have specific fees that apply and information about these fees can be found on the College website, in the College Academic Calendar, or by contacting Admissions Services. In addition, information about relevant fees is sent out to applicants upon acceptance into a program.

Some sponsor (Alberta Works AEI, EI) issue monthly student living allowances through direct deposit to students' bank accounts. The first payment in each term may include funds to cover their books and Learning Resource fee. Students must ensure that they keep enough funds to pay the Learning Resource fee at registration.​

What types of funding are available and how do I apply?


The types of funding available may vary depending on the program being taken. Sponsorship can include fees and living costs or may only be for specific needs, such as tuition or living costs. A student may receive funding from more than one source (i.e. fees paid by Student Finance Board and a living allowance from their Band).

Counsellors are available to assist applicants in identifying sources of funding, assisting in completing applications, and providing advice on applying for funding.

What types of bursaries or awards are available to assist me while attending College?


There are a number of awards that are administered through the College's Student Awards Committee that recognize academic excellence or assist with financial need. Information on these awards is available by contacting a college counsellor or Admissions Services at 1-866-652-3456 or (780) 849-8600. Find out more by visiting the Schola​rship and Awards​​​ web page.

In addition to the awards offered through the Student Awards Committee, there are many other awards that students can apply for through external sources, depending on the program they are taking and their individual situation. Information on some of these awards is available at the following sites:

Student Finance Board Loans: Where do I get my student loan documents signed?


The Student Finance Board (SFB) may approve student loans for students and the forms that are sent to the students require a signature from NLC staff specifically designated by SFB. At NLC, these forms must be forwarded to the Registrar's Office to be completed and signed. The forms are then returned to the student at their home address (or by internal college courier within the campus) so they can take them to participating Canada Post Office's for processing.

How can I pay my fees?


After registration, student sponsors will be invoiced for fees if a letter has been submitted to the Registrar's Office confirming what fees are covered. Students paying their own fees may pay by cash, cheque, debit, Visa or MasterCard and these fees are due on or before registration day. If required, special arrangements for the payment of fees may be made in advance by contacting the Registrar's Office.​​