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Essential Skills for Supervisors

The Essential Skills for Supervisors Certificate program will provide you with an in-depth toolkit to help you succeed in getting the most out of your number one resource - employees. As an effective leader, you need to provide an atmosphere for success and excellence.

Each of the nine courses offers a refreshing and practical opportunity to hone in on your existing skills and learn new ways of achieving success with your employees. Throughout the courses, you will interact live with your instructor and peers and will use real-life scenarios that relate to your own experiences, challenges, and successes.

Create a work environment that sustains the high energy, motivation, and morale that your employees brought to the job on their first day!

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Continuing Education Units (CEUs)


Each course in the Essential Skills for Supervisors certificate program are worth 0.4 CEUs for Alberta water and wastewater operators.

Course Details


Managing Time – Scheduling People, Paper (Digital), and Priorities
(Code: ES100)
Explore ways of working smarter so that you can proactively manage the people, paper, and digital priorities that come your way. This course will teach you techniques to get control of your time and organize your workday so you can effectively supervise employees, minimize interruptions, and get your own work done.

Leadership – Giving Employees What They Need to Succeed
(Code: ES105)
Identify your personal leadership style, and how to use it effectively. Learn how to inspire your employees to focus on the big picture.

Effective Supervision – Direction, Coaching, and Facilitating Employees
(Code: ES110)
Develop a toolkit of supervisory skills, so you can use the most effective approach in any situation and bring out the best in your employees

Communication – Getting the Message Across
(Code: ES115)
Learn how to send and receive clear messages that minimize confusion and emphasize understanding.

Working Together – Building Effective Relationships in Your Workplace
(Code: ES120)
Learn how to build and sustain good working relationships that create cooperation, interdependence, and high morale among employees.

Performance Management – Optimizing Results
(Code: ES125)
Learn how to assess employee performance on an ongoing basis, so that you can identify what employees are doing well. In addition, learn how to coach and problem solve to help your employees achieve optimal performance.

Intervention – Managing Employees with Personal Problems
(Code: ES130)
Personal issues affect job performance, productivity, team morale, and safety. For that reason, learn how to recognize troubled employees, and direct them to the appropriate resources for help.

Resolving Conflict – Reaching Agreement at Work
(Code: ES135)
Turn conflict into opportunity by maximizing the opportunities created by differing ideas. Learn how to reduce the potential for conflict.

Staying Positive – Rewarding and Energizing Employees
(Code: ES140)
This course helps you to recognize and reward your employees to build a positive and productive workplace.

Further Educational Opportunities


The courses in the Essential Skills for Supervisors Certificate are approved for Achievement in Business Competencies (Blue Seal) program through Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training.

Additional Information


Each course is two-days and delivered through NLC LIVE Online™.

Courses in this program are eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. Find out more details.

Delivery Methods Explained


Face-to-Face: Courses where the instructor and the students are interacting at the same time, at the same physical location. 

NLC LIVE Online™: Scheduled classes online, where students log in to a program (Blackboard Collaborate™) with instructors and peers on the same day, at the same time.

NLC Anytime, Anywhere: Courses where you do not have scheduled classes, but where you log in to a program online (Moodle) at any time and do your work. 

Blended: Courses where you have a combination of face-to-face and online (NLC Anytime, Anywhere and/or NLC LIVE Online).

Dual Credit: Students in high school can experience College programs while earning post-secondary credits.

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