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Survey Theory and Calculations

Program Overview

The Survey Theory and Calculations program provides you with surveying theory and expertise in survey calculations. The program provides anyone working on a survey crew with the knowledge and calculation skills required for advancement. Further training can lead to a career as a land surveyor.

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Program Locations

Jul 01, 2023 - Jun 30, 2099 - NLC Anytime, Anywhere - Available Anywhere
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Program Year


Program Length:

20 Weeks

Program Type

Survey Theory

Program Delivery

NLC Anytime, Anywhere. Classes are unscheduled, where students log in to a program (D2L) at any time to complete their work.

• Applicants must be currently employed in the survey field or have at least 6 months prior survey experience supported by an Employment Verification form


• Successful completion of Introduction to Surveying.