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NLC Student Awards Application

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We understand that funding your post-secondary education can be a challenge. Through the generosity of many individuals, companies, and associations, we are proud to offer a number of financial awards to our students. Awards may be given based on financial need, academic achievement, community involvement, leadership or extra-curricular activities. The award may also be a combination of a scholarship, bursary or a prize.

What is the difference between a scholarship, bursary and prize? 

  • A scholarship is an award given in recognition of academic excellence or achievement.

  • A bursary is a cash award that is based on financial need. There may be also be additional requirements, such as community involvement or leadership; the criteria will outline what is required.

  • A prize is an award based on a specific outstanding accomplishment or achievement. This award may be cash, a plaque, a book, a medal or a gift​​​​​.

Please check out the NLC Student Awards List for bursaries, scholarships and awards you may be eligible for. We also have a Tuition Bursary available to students that are not receiving any financial assistance (including Student Loans and third-party sponsorship).

Download PDF: NLC Student Awards List

2018-19 Student Awards Programs - Bursaries & Scholarships

Available Now:

For more information about eligibility, click on the 'plus' button to the right to access the drop down menu. Click on the 'Apply Here' button to be redirected to the application form.

Indigenous Careers Award Application Form


Award: $2,000 per semester

The Indigenous Careers Award is designed to encourage Indigenous Albertans (First Nations, Métis, and Inuit) to pursue and complete post-secondary studies in certificate, diploma, applied degree, and bachelor degree programs that lead to high-demand career outcomes in Alberta.

NLC Application for Tuition Bursary


To be eligible, applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • Must be enrolled in an NLC program. The tuition bursary is not available to students in programs where fees are forwarded by NLC to the delivering institution.
  • Financial need.
  • Paying own tuition (self-sponsored) and not receiving funding that is designated for tuition payment. The College must be informed of any funding or bursary received during the academic year for which the tuition bursary is approved.
  • Tuition bursaries that are approved are applied as a credit for tuition for NLC programs (per academic year or semester/term).
  • When an application for tuition bursary has been submitted and a decision has not yet been received, the applicant will be required to either sign a fee deferral agreement or pay full tuition on or before registration day. Established timelines for fee deferrals and
    refund procedures will apply upon approval of the tuition bursary.

Student Awards - Emergency Financial Needs Bursary Application Form



1. Applications can be submitted any time during the academic year.
2. You must be registered and attending either a part-time or full-time program with NLC.
3. Students are only eligible for this award once per term.
4. The Selection Committee will not consider incomplete applications.
5. Applicants will be notified of decision within 5 business days of receipt of application in the Student Awards Office.
6. Budget section must be completed.

Dr. Gary McPherson Leadership Scholarship


Award: $2,000 (2)

The Dr. Gary McPherson Leadership Scholarship is a nomination made to the Scholarships Program under Student Aid Alberta.  Criteria for this scholarship are: leadership skills, preferably in the area of disability, and commitment to improving the conditions and lives of others.

For more information please click here.

Laurence Decore Award for Student Leadership


Award: $1,000 (2)

The Laurence Decore Award for Student Leadership honours Mr. Laurence Decore, former Edmonton mayor and leader of the Alberta Liberal Party.

The original proposal for the Student Leadership Awards was initiated by the Alberta College & Technical Institute Student Executive Council (ACTISEC). The Awards are intended to recognize post-secondary students who have demonstrated outstanding dedication and leadership to fellow students and to their community.

For more information on the award please click here.

Student Awards - How to complete an award application

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