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Introduction to Surveying

Program Overview

Surveyors plan, direct, and conduct surveys to determine the location of boundaries, buildings, and structures. The Introduction to Surveying program will provide you with a solid foundation in survey theory and the confidence to perform routine survey tasks. You will be prepared for an entry-level position as a survey crew member in the oilfield, forestry, construction, legal surveying, and more. Graduates are encouraged to enroll in the Survey Theory and Calculations program.

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Program Locations

Jul 01, 2023 - Jun 30, 2099 - Blended - Available Anywhere; Sep 25, 2023 - Apr 15, 2024 - Blended - Available Anywhere
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Program Year


Program Length:

20 Weeks

Program Type

Survey Theory

Program Delivery

Blended. Courses where you have a
combination of face-to-face and
online (NLC Anytime, Anywhere
and/or NLC LIVE OnlineT).


• English 10-2 or equivalent. • Credit in Math 20-3 or equivalent OR Currently enrolled in 20-3 or equivalent