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Dual Credit

What is Dual Credit?

Dual Credit provides high school students with the opportunity to participate in apprenticeship training or get a head start on their post-secondary education - by taking a course(s) that earns them both high school and post secondary credits at the same time.

Dual Credit programming includes trades offerings, which are also called “Pre-Employment”. Did you know that students can graduate from high school with the first year of a trade in hand? This is a huge benefit to them, their parents, and their communities. 

Dual Credit Opportunities

Dual Credit Opportunities Available through NLC


Dual Credit Information for Students and Parents


How to Apply

  • Meet with your secondary school counsellor
  • Ensure you have completed the prerequisites before the program starts
  • Design your timetable to accommodate the Dual Credit program.
  • Complete the NLC Dual Credit application package and return it to your counsellor, who will forward the completed forms to the College. Note that if you are under 18 years of age, the forms will require the signature of your parent or guardian. 

Admission and Orientation

  • Students are accepted on a first qualified, first served basis. For this reason it is important to complete all parts of the NLC Dual Credit application package and submit it on time.
  • You and your parent(s) or guardian(s) may be required to attend an orientation with a representative of the College prior to the start of the program. The orientation is to ensure that both students and parents know what is expected from the College and to answer any questions that you may have. 

Costs of the Programs and Courses

Each school division will address costs independently; however, in many cases, the school division covers the costs of taking the course or program. Please see your high school counsellor for information on what is covered at your school. 

$500 Bursary Available to Dual Credit Students

Students who are successful in a Dual Credit program now have an extra incentive to complete their high school education. Northern Lakes College offers a $500 bursary to Dual Credit students who, upon graduating from high school, enrol in the College to continue their post-secondary education. Please Note: The Dual Credit Bursary is only eligible to students attending a trades or post-secondary program, and it must be a credit program.  

For more information about the $500 Dual Credit bursary, click here ​​​

Pre-Employment Opportunities

In today’s economy, training is critical. For high school students, Dual Credit programming includes trades offerings, which are also called “Pre-Employment”. They are called this because they offer the theory portion of trades training in advance of obtaining the hands on experience with an employer. In the trades, a candidate is normally employed (a.k.a. apprenticed) in advance of attending training. Pre-employment trades offered at NLC include Carpentry, Welding, Electrician, Heavy Equipment Technician, Mobile Crane, and Industrial Mechanic.

Each program is 12 weeks long and covers the entire First Period theory of that trade. In essence, high school students complete the first year of theory required for a trade, without leaving home and without incurring the costs associated with post-secondary training!

Dual Credit Pre-Employment offerings are available close to home, in High Level, High Prairie,Peace River, Slave Lake, Grande Prairie, and Wabasca.

For more information about Pre-Employment:


Why Take a Dual Credit opportunity?


A Dual Credit opportunity provides many benefits including:

  • Saving on the cost of tuition. With Dual Credit fees covered by the school division, students require fewer courses when they enroll at a post-secondary institution, thereby reducing future tuition fees.
  • It helps prepare high school students for a post-secondary environment, and eases the transition from high school to college.
  • It lowers future workload by allowing students to complete courses toward a credential before entering a post-secondary institution.
  • Taking a course, or courses during high school can give a student the motivational boost they need to stay in school, and build confidence to continue on a post-secondary path.
  • Many students’ high school grades are positively impacted when they participate in a Dual Credit opportunity because it highlights the need for education as they consider their future careers.
  • It provides an opportunity for hands-on experience that links learning to satisfying careers in the workplace, but does not interrupt high school programming.
  • Time and money invested in education at a post-secondary level can be significant. Exposure to courses earlier on can assist in determining if a specific career is the right choice for a student.

Dual Credit Information for Schools and School Divisions


Most of the Dual Credit programming at NLC is delivered in an asynchronous (pre-recorded) manner using technology so that it is available to any high school. If you are interested in pursuing a Dual Credit partnership with NLC, please contact:

Brian Panasiuk​ ​ ​Chair​, Dual Credit and Recruitment ​

Toll Free 1-866-652-3456     Office (780) 751-3311     ​​​Cell (780) 523-6259