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Walk 100 KM in 100 Days - The Ultimate Challenge - Healthy Students Move

The second annual Walk 100 KM in 100 Days The Ultimate Challenge - Healthy Students Move will run from February 20, 2019 through May 30, 2019. The program encourages our students, staff, and their families to develop the habit of walking at least one km a day as a form of exercise. Northern Lakes College has over 5,000 credit and non-credit students and over 250 staff* - so let’s see if together, we can reach 10,000 km!!


Slave Lake Campus - Wellness facilities


The Slave Lake Campus Wellness facilities include:

• Indoor Swimming Pool
• Gymnasium
• Climbing Wall
• Soccer Fields
• Exercise Room
Organized activities, drop-in activities and special events such as floor hockey, badminton, fitness classes, swimming, volleyball, canoeing, cross-country skiing and wall climbing are available to College students.

Grouard Campus - Wellness facilities


The Grouard Campus Wellness facilities include:

• Gymnasium
• Weight and Exercise Room
Organized activities, drop-in activities and special events such as badminton, basketball and volleyball are available to College students.

​​​​​College is a time when you begin to make choices that will determine your adult path in life. Student Wellness is a cluster of programs and services within Northern Lakes College and the Students' Association that are focused on supporting student success by enhancing the overall health and well-being of the Northern Lakes College student body. We are committed to providing you with the necessary tools to help shape this path. By practising holistic wellness, you will find that your life will be both enriched and better balanced, now and into the future.

Northern Lakes College is dedicated to the well-being of students. Talk to someone you feel safe with: a loved one or a friend. Any way you reach out, talking about it can help end the silence.

Need help now?

Students can reach out to NLC Counselling Services by calling: (780) 751-3222 or sending an email to:

For after-hours support contact:

  • Call 9-1-1 or proceed to the nearest Emergency Room if you are in distress.
  • 24/7 Crisis Line: 1-800-232-7238
  • Call 8-1-1 to be directed to non-emergency after-hours supports in your area.

Student Wellness Passport

The NEW Student Wellness Passport has arrived! 

The Student Wellness Passport is a tool to help you address your wellness needs. While traveling through the seven Wellness Journeys, you will experience exciting and engaging activities that help maintain a healthier you! Complete the Journeys by yourself, with a friend, or with a group!

Student Wellness Passport: SIGN UP ONLINE! 

Download and print the Student Wellness Passport HERE

Student Health 101 E-Magazine

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Northern Lakes College: Elders in Residence Program

Elders Program Schedule:

NLC students attending school from any of our campuses, or from home can connect with Elder Betty during her office hours by calling:

  • Call toll free: 866 652 3456 and ask to be transferred to extension 3356
  • Or call direct: 780-751-3356

Office: Wabasca Campus Room 120

Available: Tuesdays from 12:00pm -4:00pm

To find out more: NLC Elders in Residence Program